Baby Gym aims to encourage the contact of small children (1 to 5 years old) with dogs. Dynamics and games are handpicked by our physical education team at Cãovida Club who, based on the children’s age and profile, adapt the duration and intensity of the exercises. In a supervised manner, and with the support of a dog trainer, the little ones practice exercise in a fun and relaxed way.

About Baby Gym:

– Baby Gym is hosted in Porto on the first Saturday morning of the month;

– Organized in partnership with schools and kid-related shops/institutions, such as CLIP: Colégio Luso-Internacional Português,  children’s hairdresser “Palmo e Meio”; children’s bookstore “Salta Folhinhas”, UP!, Unidade Empresarial de Paranhos and Pavilhão do Lagarteiro;

– Price varies between 8.5€ and 10€. 

Let us know if you would like to co-host a Baby Gym session!

For more information, please contact us: